Gender Communications

He Says, She Says:
Communicating more effectively with the opposite sex

We help men and women understand and communicate more effectively with each other. These insights translate into

  • Stronger teams
  • Greater satisfaction
  • Motivated employees
  • Better results

Based on the work of Deborah Tannen, John Gray, Martha Barletta, Julia Wood, Faith Popcorn and others, Roberts & more describes the different styles and behaviors of men and women and then applies them to every day work (and personal!) situations. Clients learn communication strategies to improve performance, achieve better results, promote teamwork, increase satisfaction, build positive relationships, resolve conflicts and improve morale. By blending effective female and male communications patterns, employees will be better able to contribute to a workplace environment of mutual trust and respect.

Whether you are a supervisor, a subordinate or a peer, these tools will help you be more successful in your career. Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate executive, these strategies will help increase profitability and strengthen your team.